Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Deepak Bhaskaran Update

Hi All,

Playing the second fiddle, it has definitely been quite a long time since I contributed to this Quiz Blog. Anyways was quite busy conducting a few School level Quizzes - one at Shishya School and the other at Hindu Senior, Indira Nagar both in Chennai.

And frankly was quite amazed with the reservoir of knowledge and Trivia the youngsters of the day possess.

Most of the Questions have been compiled from the Quizzing Groups like Quinkie and IBQ. Acknowledgement is due to Sudip Kumar Roy whose BizConnect series has been my biggest source.

Shishya School Quiz :
Hindu School Quiz :
WIPRO corporate Quiz (PRELIMS) :
WIPRO corporate Quiz (Finals) :

Deepak Bhaskaran (Alpha)

Dear Alpha,

I have checked the questions posted in the links. Most(90%) of your the questions are lifted straight from Sudip Kumar Roy's Connect series AND Brand Equity Quiz prelims. Please try being "Original" and "Honest".

Try learning from Aniruddha, whose topical, honest and Fresh. What was really funny was your soliciting yourself as Quizmaster based on lifted Questions. Looks like we have another "Parnab" in the making
Its been a while since we had a quiz. Please do it ASAP.
Not that I would like to contradict your statement.. but I did state originally in this post and also in the other links that few of the content were compiled (Not exactly 90% as you mentioned) ..

Hey sorry if I hurt any sentiments.. ;-)

And in case you didn't know, quizzes at school level are voluntary work (it is the feel and not the money) !!!
but it's ok that you mistook my original comments..
よろしくおねがいします。good good nice
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