Sunday, February 19, 2006


Jaldi Quiz 2006 - Round 2

Hi All,

Took some time to come out with the answers. But the response as always was more than encouraging. Around 40 odd responses and leaving a handful, most of them all had an all correct response.

Congratulations to all who participated.

Am trying something new this time with the answers. Have used a lighter font color. To view the answers, drag your mouse over.


1. In Maldives, it is the all purpose boat built by master carpenters using very few tools. Apart from its use in fishing , inter-island transport and the movement of cargo, they are used as diving boats, live-aboard cruise vessels, passenger ferry boats and deep-sea fishing craft complete with outriggers and fighting chairs. In India, the "name" is a phenomenon. What is the boat called?

Ans: Dhoni.

2. The Official clothing supplier to the ICC, this Pakistani company's logo can be seen on Pakistan's cricket jerseys. The company also supplies the clothing for ICC Umpires and Referees and selected corporate leisure wear for ICC staff. Name the company.

Ans: AJ Sports.

3. The CEO of Harpreet Insurance Agents Pvt. Ltd. is in the news recently for things totally unrelated to the firm. Who is this CEO?

Ans: Priya Sachdev who got married to NY Hotelier Vikram Chatwal.

4. Connect the Pink Ladies Service in the UK and the Project Priyadarshini in India.(Inspired by a NMQ elims question posted on Quinkie).

Ans: Both of them are taxi services. Project Priyadarshini is a drive from ITDC to appoint women cab drivers and Pink Ladies Service is the all women cab service in UK.

5. What is the contribution of Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University to everyday usage in the world of "communication"?

Ans: Smileys / Emoticons.

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Back with Round 2 of this new Series. The Quizzing season in India is truly underway and lots of action happening in the college and corporate circuits.

In my immediate world, H5N1 has rocked Maharashtra and it means people like me become forced vegetarians (its not that I am a die hard Non - Vegan).

Pakistan was rocked by a resurgent Indian team. Jyllands-Posten and their cartoons still rock the rest of the world. In the coming weeks, India play host to the Poms and then to Mr. Bush.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Jaldi Quiz 2006 - Round 1

Hi All,

It was after a long gap that I came back and I wondered whether it was "Out of Sight, Out of Mind".

I was mistaken. The response was overwhelming - almost 40 of them in a week's time. Close to 100 hits and normalcy for the time being has been restored.

Jaldi Quiz veterans Suman Mukherjee and Anukriti Pandey, Nitir Sorah, Rohit Nair, Krishna Kumar and Rohan Nair complete the top 6.

Here are the answers:

1. Two firms - Marksman Marketing Services Private Ltd and Vectracom were in the news recently. Why?

Ans: The PCB had granted the exclusive rights to disseminate information relating to scores via SMS on wireless and mobile telephones on a global basis to VectraCom Private Limited. Marksman Marketing Services Private Ltd had obtained exclusive territorial rights for India from the VectraCom.

2. Kyon Ki, Home Delivery, Neal N Nikki, Kisna and James are vying for top honours at this awards. Name this newly launched awards and the publication behind the awards.

Ans: The Outlook Follywood Film Awards (Outlook Magazine).

3. Its been included as an Olympic sport 12 times since 1964.The FIL based in Germany is its governing body. Georg Hackl of Germany has the rare distinction of having a podium finish in 5 consecutive Olympics. Who represents India in this Olympic discipline?

Ans: Shiva Keshavan. The discipline is Luge.

4. Easy One. Connect Ratan Tata - DIN 0001.

Ans: DIN is the Director Identification Number. Ratan Tata is the first executive in corporate india to get a director identification number. This is under a surveillance system introduced by the government to keep an eye on the activites of the directors of companies.

5. The Kadima (meaning Forward) Party formed in the year 2005 is the ruling party of which country? (Its founder has been in the news recently).

Ans: Israel (Founded by Ariel Sharon).

6. CALTECH, FOX, RAFFEYSOD and GO NAVY are some of the many alterations that were made to this famous landmark. Which one?

Ans: The HOLLYWOOD sign.

7. The Essar Group and the Bajaj Group are the Indian partners of these companies. Both these companies have been hogging attention in the Sports pages of the Indian subcontinent. Name the companies.

Ans: Hutchison and Allianz. (Sponsors of the ODI and Test series between India and Pakistan).

8. Which film production company's logo takes its inspiration from the Mahabharata and features Arjun at the Draupadi swayamvar taking aim at the fish?

Ans: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Productions (Rang De Basanti).

9. The Elder Pharma Group (license holders in India of the famous Tiger Balm) is the main sponsors of the Filmfare Awards this year. Which TV personality is the Director of the company?

Ans: Anuj Saxena (Abhay of KKusum and now Jatin of Kumkum).

10. Derek type Question - In which Indian daily would you find Blue, Red, Yellow and Black dots in each of the pages that appear in color.

Ans: Well, its Cyan, Magenta,Yellow and Black (thanks to Rohan Nair). The daily or dailies are those brought out by the Times of India Group. The colors are also visible on the ENIL (Entertainment Network India Ltd. that runs Radio Mirchi).

11. Overdrive is a monthly auto magazine brought out by the Infomedia India Limited. A few months ago it tied up with a more than 140 year old publication in the UK to launch which magazine in India?

Ans: Cricinfo.

12.The President of this Latin American country recently cut his salary by more than half leading to a review of the salaries of all public sector employees in the country as no official can earn more than the President. Which country?

Ans: Bolivia (President: Evo Morales).

For the Archives:

At the outset, I am reminded of the main protagonist of Washington Irving's short story - Rip Van Winkle. This hibernation of mine would have put even him into shame.

Well, part of it was due to my relocation from the United States to Mumbai, India. But mainly, it was laziness (to put it shamelessly).

Thank you to all those who made the Jaldi Quiz Series - 2005 a great success. The 15000+ hits this blog received was all a result of the efforts each one of you took to hit those strokes and clicks to reach out here.

Times have changed. Its debatable whether we have entered the "Endulkar" era. But "Tensex" and "IndiaOne" surely signify the times we are in. Well, without further ado, here's presenting Round 1 of the Jaldi Quiz 2006.

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