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Question 2 Chew Series on Twitter...


Its been ages that I posted on this blog. So much so, that it required me to click on a couple of "Forgot Password" links to finally find way back.

However, do not expect that I will ever be regular as I was some 5 years back. Much has changed since then. Jaldi Quizzing was one of the first Quiz Blogs to appear and today there are at least a thousand of them. Each one, bigger and brighter than the other and carries questions far superior in content than what this blog has to offer.

Blogger has now given way to Twitter and most of the trivia that I pick on finds its outlet through Twitter currently.

The Question2Chew or Qn2Cw is how I randomly try to put up questions nowadays. They are random, picked up on what occurs all around us and interests me generally.

This visit to the Jaldi Quiz blog is to present to you the Questions that I posted on Twitter earlier. Well, as for the answers, they can be easily searched up on Google.

So, do not wait for the Answers to be posted or sending queries to post them. Because, the answers are all within your reach...

Here go the Questions. Do not go for the Spellings. Its Twitter's word limit that is solely responsible for the way the Questions appear.

And well, if you have seen these questions appear elsewhere and feel that they were copied / inspired, please bring it to my notice and I will delete them.

So here are the 33 Questions that have appeared so far in the Question 2 Chew series on Twitter.

1. This German footballer is nicknamed "The Insect", and he claims he models his football skills on worker ants. Name him.

2. Evolution Securities makes market on these debentures on LSE.Ground Comp. advertises current prices on FT on first Sat. every mth.What?

3. What communication form is based on somthng dvlpd to meet Napolean's dmnd for soldiers to communicate silently & without light @ night?

4.Which song, with lyrics by Tim Rice was originally titled “It’s Only Your Lover Returning” and was first sung by Julie Covington?

5. This Indian born, with over 1.4 million followers on Twitter, has one of the largest following way ahead of SrBachchan,SRK & SRT?

6. Painter Jacopo Comin's nickname comes from the Italian for the "dyer's boy". His painting was a subject of a 2008 Indian detctive film.

7. Which retailer's famous expert army of Blue Shirts now help customers online and call themselves the "Twelpforce"?

8. Which of our favorite TV shows had Dieter Hallervorden play a detective who is struck by "brilliant" ideas whch turn out disastrously?

9. Which popular game offrs a "Flower Garden" mode after concerns contending that its popular mode is an "offense against the victims"?

10. Which Ind. instn having branches in Kathmandu,Moscow&Tehran has MoUs with Micrsft,Oracle&Intel under Project Shiksha & thinkQuest?

11. FIFA has 208 member associations,16 more than the UN.Which sports body has the highest number of members, 5 more than FIFA?

12. Idntfy the President of the Natl Bnk of Cuba's signature(left)?

13. Which recent Member of the British Empire remarked-"A lot of people haven't actually realised we are actual people."?

14. Identify the "Fresh" family - Poppin, wife Poppie and two kids - Popper and Bun Bun.

15. Which word comes frm the Greek words meaning "love" and "free of charge"?Free of charge signifies replcng a cash chrg wth smthng free.

16. This device in the news was invented by William Bridges Adams in May 1842, because of his dissatisfaction with the scarf joints.Wht?

17. The motto taken from the Upanishad literally means a person who is awake in those that sleep. Given by Sri Aurobindo. Identify.

18. Kenneth Clarke:Whisky, Geoffrey Howe:Gin and tonic,Benjamin Disraeli:Brandy and water,Water: Gordon Brown. Explain this tradition.

19. “Candanga” frm Spanish translates into “the devil”,also describes someone who is strong-willed, or fearless. Who in the online wrld?

20. Easy one. Whose enemies are nicknamed Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

21. In 1912 at the U.S. Naval Acdmy’s gradtin,newly commssnd grads got officers’ hats replacing their midshipmen’s caps.Wht tradtn srtd?

22. What in the online world is run by "Organizing for America",a Grassroots orgzn and a spl project of the Democratic Natl Committee?

23. TOI in its personals section on 17th May,2010 pblshd a trbute to a certn Mr. Narayan by his great grand nephews Shankar and Chintamani Velkar. Who was Mr. Narayan?

24. Which logo contains a house,adult female,adult male,female child, male child,star with 10 points and symbl fr people's participation?

25. A recent University of Warwick study is considering Star Wars Sound Effects to act as a solution to a problem faced on streets.What?

26. Born Kanaan Warsame, he fired his first gun at the age of 8. At 11, he found a hand grenade, and blew up half his school. Identify.

27. Agricultural economist Leonard Elmhirst set up the Institute for Rural Reconstruction in India in 1921. How do we know it better?

28. Funda behind quote by astrnt Piers Sellers: I'll take it up into orbit and let it float around a bit, which will confuse Isaac.

29. Which union minister born to an ICS father has a Post-Grad Diploma in Spanish Art and Lit from Univ of Havana, Cuba?

30. This ethnic grp gets its name from the Mandarin words for guest and family. Ind. Chnse Cuisine named after is diff frm actual.

31. When launched, Cine Blitz promoted itself with the tagline "C to Z of Hindi Films". Why was it the "C to Z"?

32. In May,2005 Airtel sent Deepak Sharma of Ludhiana a 1411 page bill but didnt charge him more than 99 paise. Explain.

33. MECON began as the Central Engineering and Designing Bureau of the Hindustan Steel Limited in 1959. For what recent "collaboration" was the company in the news?

4. Cry for me Argentina

5. Shashi Tharoor

6. Tintoretto's Christ

7. Best Buy

8. Didi's Comedy Show

14. Pillsbury

15. Fishplate

19. Chevez Candanga

20. Pacman

22. Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is building on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering communities across the country to bring about our agenda of change

23. Rao Bahadur Narayan Dinnanath Velkar, the first Indian Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai (then Bombay)

26. K'Naan

27. Sriniketan

29. Ambika Soni

31. AB of Indian cinema is Amitabh Bachchan

32. Sharma received a bill of 1411 pages this month, which was sent specially to him by Airtel. He is making the best out of Airtel's scheme of unlimited SMS with 99 paise.
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