Saturday, July 24, 2010


Question 2 Chew Series - Round 2


Well. I did not think that I would come back so soon. But, here I am. This is the second set from the Question 2 Chew (Qn2Cw) series questions that appear on Twitter.

The questions are generally inspired from recent occurrences and hence are fairly simple ones.

In case you like them or like to criticize them, do drop a line in the Comments Section.

Once again, do not wait for the Answers to be posted or sending queries to post them. All the answers are well within your reach and will appear as soon as you paste the Questions on a Search Engine.

The 140 word limit on Twitter is solely responsible for the way in which the Questions appear.

So here is the Second set.

1. On 19 Jan,1907- wht did a 7 min comedy film "An Exciting Honeymoon" get, something which is now quite common for all films made?

2. In 1935,wht trm did Walter Winchell coin, as a descrptn of radio announcer Martin Block,who plyd recrds for a show Mk Blve Ballroom?

3. Which key on the cmputer keybrd rarely used now, was used to allow the console to give input to the opertng system in IBM mainframes?

4. Connect "How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics" to William Jones from Wales.

5. Which Commonwealth Games venue, first built in 1933, was a gift from the Maharaja of Bhavnagar to the city of Delhi?

6. For a 100 yrs till 1937,which West Asian territory was governed as part of British India under the Bombay Presidency?

7. Who is behind the "", which terms itself as a "satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day"?

8. Connect "Global Public Square" to a recent Padma Bhushan awardee and to the world of news channels.

9. Which legendary Indian singer,born in 1911,was nicknamed George since his birth coincided with King George the 5th's visit to India?

10. Whch music score for a TV show composed by the fathr & son duo Keith & Matthew Strachan had a brief to create mood & tension?

11. What were Ganesh,Chintamaneshwardev,Chintamaneshwaridevi,Suryanarayandev &Laxminarayandev frm Sangli recently denied by Bom High Crt?

12. In Dec'08,Burger King chose Baan Khun Chang Kiean,Thailand, Kulusuk,Greenland & Budesti,Romania fr its taste-test campgn. Name it.

13. In Oct 2009,Burger King in Jap sold burger wth 7 stacked beef patties & was originally planned to be available for 7 days. Promo for?

14. Easy.Who has the UK's Treasury Dept. approached for its "Spending Challenge", on how to make savings in public spending?

15. In the late 1990s,what did ex-England Cricket captains, Ted Dexter and Colin Cowdrey seek to enshrine in the laws of the game?

16. Rachael Heyhoe-Flint, Diana Rait Kerr and Sheila Hill were the first set of Women to be given Life Membership in 1999 of which club?

17. Baul sngrs in Bngl hv thr musical instrmnts made out of it. Amng the 1st cltivted plnts in the wrld, it lends its name to wht in soccer.

18. Sport Billy is an animated cartoon character frm Olympus populated by athletic god-like beings.Cnnect it to the World Cup of Football.

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