Sunday, November 07, 2010


Question 2 Chew Series - Round 3


Diwali Greetings to one and all.

The Last Month was an eventful one in terms of the limited quizzing accomplishments that I have been able to achieve. Our team managed to get its hands on the Tata Crucible Trophy for Tata Group Companies for the third year in succession.

Well, it may be the only event that we manage to qualify and win. But, then, the Tatas still give us a similar looking trophy and as much the prize money as that our friends, who face competition at least a hundred times more than what we do, do as well. And when three such trophies adorn your drawing room, it gives a good feeling at the end of the day.

Coming back to what I actually started putting this post for. The Question 2 Chew series, is basically an attempt to put together in a question and answer form, some of the stuff picked up during the time I spend surfing around the net or revisit information that was put together in some of the quizzes, I manage to attend.

Therefore, in case you find any resemblance to any of the questions that appear here to those that actually originated in the brilliant brains of the quiz master or his/her team, they may actually be correct. And if some inspired quiz master picks up information from here and presents it to another hundreds attending an event, I would say thank you to have spread my tit bits of trivia around.

So here goes the latest offering. And yes, in case you want to leave your feedback, do drop a line in the Comments Section.


1. China has recently deployed 6,781 artillery guns and 4,110 rocket launchers throughout the country to shoot dry ice. Explain purpose.

2. Marc Madnick created "Final Draft" to solve the rigid formatting regulations &sought to create a software for auto formatting.For whom?

3. The Little Banded Goshawk is a small bird of prey with short broad wings and a long tail,adaptations to fast manoeuvrings.Common name?

4. Greek origin. In medieval literature ____ was the term used for a table of content, the first page glued into a manuscript cover.

5. In film shooting, it describes the final shot set-up for the day and is so named because it refers to the post-wrap drink. What term?

6. Which country's national anthem does not end on the same key on which it starts and employs the country's five official languages?

7. What began in 1922 as an editorial project with aims outlined in the article “An Essential Groundwork for a Broad Executive Theory.”

8. Current Affairs. "If ______was a country, it would be one of the largest tourist centers in the world". Words by whom & for what?

9. Created by utilizing Serenity Technology's nano-diamond coating technology,its plans to sell its creation in 18 carat gold. Name.

10. "Inspired qn." Which Group's logo is the "Daisy Wheel" representing the accumulation and concentration of wealth by the Group?

11. Connect -Tibetan for Auspicious & the Inflight magazine of Bhutanese airline Druk Air to a new offering from the world of Tatas.

12. In the only cricket match he played after the end of World War I, he scored a golden duck.He advocated withdrawal of pads & asked for a bigger and harder ball.Who?

13. 1st developed in70s by Nick Sheridon,1st was Gyricon.Consisted of polyethylene spheres, -vely charged black & +vely charged white plastic ones

14. Operating from an inconspicuous property in San Rafael, California till 2006, locals knew it as the "Kerner Company". Whom?

15. Origin in Prussian military drill to keep troops lined up properly as they advanced towards enemy lines,will end in India soon.Where?

16. Established as a patent medical business in 1893,shifted headquarters to Chennai.Lid of the product still has the orig city's name inscribed.

17. In the 1970s,documentary filmmaker Zafar Hai made a promotional film called "To Serve is to Love".Who were the subjects of this film? (The film never released).

18. Connect IEEE Symbol code: IEC 5009 to the world of Condoms.

19. Put funda behind this visual -

20. The word surfaced in English and was used as a slang term for "tumult" or "uproar".

21. Which product had a controversial ad campaign in the late 1980's - "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."?

22. What item of use in families with babies takes its name from "fabric with a repeated pattern of figures" & usage traces back to 1590s?

23. What was first set up in 1937 in Charing Cross Road in London and dubbed the "Penguincubator"?

24. Which subject of the 1960 Best Seller in Latin(featured in the NY Times Best Sellers list) is also the UN "Ambassador of Friendship"?

25. What 1st is reportedly credited to "Anokhelal" around the 1950s after he saw the movie "Highway 301" and came to Mumbai from Delhi?

26. What was the outcome of this pic by Kenneth Adelman as part of the California Coastal Records Project in 2003?

27. "Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm."-1st blog entry of which Macys Creative Dir.?

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