Monday, March 28, 2005


2004 Jaldi Quiz - 3


1. What is defined thus in music - 'To sing by rapidly alternating between natural voice and falsetto'?

Answer: Yodelling

2. This is about an organization's symbol. X's tree is alright but the tiger looks like some species of dog and I am afraid that the design ofa dog and a tree would arouse derision among the irreverent. X's tiger is distinctly good but the tree has spoiled it. The stem is too long and the branches too spidery.' On February 23, 1935, in the board meeting of X, it was decided to replace the lion in East India Company's Lion & Palm seal by a tiger which is more Indian. Several design's were submitted. The above was the comment of Sir James Taylor on examining various designs. Finally East India Company's seal was decided to be
continued as X's seal. Which organization ?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

3. This term was first used in cricket early eighteenth century. It is an old middle English word and has a French origin, meaning 'not equal'. Which term ?

Answer: Umpire

4. The following excerpts are from the April 26th 1996 edition of the New York Times: "Bill Gates gets the credit but somebody else did most of the work'.'For the first time in this decade something from Microsoft has been shipped on time'. 'Regardless of the problems with this one calling Microsoft Support won't help'.
'For at least another year it'll suck." What was the topic of this article?

Answer: Birth of Bill and Melinda Gates' daughter

5. If you would hear these words what would be happening - "Close the book, quench the candle, ring the bell" ?

Answer: Excommunication from the church.

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