Monday, March 28, 2005


2004 Jaldi Quiz - 7


1. With which electronics company would you associate the Digital Natural Image enhancement technology?

Answer: Samsung

2. This is the story of a very famous Socrates quote. Which one?

Socrates had such a cross wife, that her name, Xan-thipĀ“pe, is still used to describe a scolding and bad-tempered woman. Whenever Xanthippe was angry, she used to scold poor Socrates roundly. He always listened without flying into a passion, or even answering her; and when her temper was too unbearable, he quietly left the house, and went about his business elsewhere. This gentleness and meekness only angered Xanthippe the more; and one day, when he was escaping as usual, she caught up a jug full of water and poured it over his head. Socrates good-naturedly shook off the water, smiled, and merely remarked to his companions,---------------.

Answer: After thunder comes rain

3. Of Chinese descent, why was US citizen Leroy Chiao become the first person to do recently?

Answer: He became the first person to vote in the American Presidential elections from space.

4. Why is Fremantle Media in the news recently?

Answer: They own the format for Indian Idol. The original program the "Idols" which premiered as "Pop Idol" on UK's ITV in 2001.

5. Sahara and Star went to court recently with regards to the "One" controversy. What change would Star do in the next three months after having agreed to the court's decision?

Answer: Star will change the logo. Star was advised by the Delhi High Court to use the word Star along with One in the logo.

6. A lady in the news controversially also edits the magazine "Communalism Combat". Who?

Answer: Teesta Setalvad.

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