Sunday, April 24, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 10

Hi All,

Thank you all for responding to the Jaldi Quiz Round 10. Though the number of people actually responding to the quiz is just beginning to pick up, the number of people giving a dekko has been phenomenal.

Congratulations to Mr. V. Raja from Mumbai who sent in an all correct response.

A few of you suggested that the answers be posted after the questions. So scroll down and see how many of them you got.


1. The membership of this club is fixed at 7000. Any death or non-renewal of membership for two years vacant a place for a new member. There are two kinds of memberships that are currently being offered to the people - Ordinary / Tennis membership and Life Membership. The Annual Membership fees are Rs.3000 (Registration Fee) and Rs.261 (Annual Fee). For a Life Membership, you need to pay Rs. 12250 (Registration Fee) and Rs. 3 (Annual Subscription Fee). Which club are we talking about ? (Hint: This club is currently in the doldrums.)

2. What are Bubble Range, Gold Crown, Ridgeback Series and Kahuna Range types of ? (In the news)

3. Why is the dialect Ku from the African republic of Matobo in the news recently ? (Both the dialect and country are however imaginary)

4. Traf-O-Data , a company formed in 1972 developed a computer system for recording automobile traffic flow on a highway. It kept track of traffic from black hoses laid across the road. Who were the founders of this now defunct company ?

5. Who am I ? This one time talk of the town in India wanted to make it to the Civil Services. Eventually he did not. In his hey day he even modelled for a TV commercial. However at present, he is doing a one year MBA, specialising in marketing and public relations at Edinburgh University.

6. Here comes the Visual Round:

6.1 Identify this legendary footballer of yesteryears who even has a street named after him in Calcutta.

6.2 This is the logo of a company which is making the headlines in the Sporting world. Identify the company.

6.3 Pope John Paul II was the first pope of the Internet age. Here he is seen sending his first email in a much televised event. What was this "email" all about ?


1. Mohun Bagan (Really sad to see the state of affairs of the club I still love. A relegation would surely hurt all who still care)

2. They are types of cricket bats made by the Kookaburra company.

3. Matobo is the imaginary African country and Ku is the imaginary dialect from the film "The Interpreter - the first film that was allowed to be shot inside the UN )

4. Bill Gates,Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert.

5. Harshavardhan Navathe - India's first Crorepati from Kaun Banega Crorepati. (Well KBC also had a Couples round and a Junior KBC

Vijay and Arundhati Raul were the Crorepatis from the Couples Round whereas Ravi Mohan Saini was the Junior KBC winner)

6.1 The legendary footballer from Mohun Bagan - Gostho Pal

6.2 Kookaburra

6.3 The Pope apologised for the injustice committed by Roman Catholic Clergy in the Pacific Island Nations.

Keep it up Aniruddha
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