Saturday, April 09, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 8

Hi All,

Here are the answers to the Round 8 of questions. The 6th question still remains answered. Anyone having any clue of the answer can reach me at the following id.

Mail your answers to:


1. What connects the following CEOs - Tim Taft of Pizza Inn, Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple ?

Ans: All these CEOs draw an annual salary of $1.

2. It is made of cotton and linen blend with red and blue silk fibers running through it. A special and unknown blend of ink is used for printing purposes. It is starched to make it water resistant and pressed for a nice crisp look. What is the item mentioned above ?

Ans: The Dollar Note

3. A property developer Sir Jack Hayward has a school named after him in the Bahamas. He is also the owner of the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. But what has been his contribution to the world of cricket ?

Ans: He sponsored the first ever World Cup Cricket Tournament for Women.

4. What unique cricketing record connects Martyn Moxon,Alex Tudor and Norman Yardley of England,John Beck and Dipak Patel of New Zealand, Rusi Surti of India, Maqsood Ahmed and Asim Kamal of Pakistan and Shane Warne of Australia ?

Ans: All these players have a Highest Test score of 99.

5. What connects the clothing lines launched by Serena Williams and Bono of U2 ?

Ans: Their clothing lines are words spelled backwards. Serena's is called Aneres (Serena spelled backwards) whereas Bono's is Edun (Nude spelled backwards)

The 6th question:

We all know that Kapil Dev's great knock of 175* against Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup was not captured on Video or was not telecast since BBC went to strike on that day. The Question is: What were the employees of the BBC striking against on that day ??


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