Sunday, May 01, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 11

Hi All,

Its Answer time for Round 11. Congratulations to Rakesh Tiklekar who had the maximum correct responses.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement.


1. The Metropolitan Motor Works was a short lived venture. It was started by an eminent Indian for his son. Though the father reached the pinnacle in his field, the son was a mostly unknown entity. Name this father-son duo.

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore and Rathindranath Tagore.

2. An easy one. This album features nine film and Indipop tracks. One of them though critically ridiculed has really caught the attention of the people and has gone on to become quite a rage in India. The track has music by Vishal-Shekhar and vocals by Sudesh Bhosle among others. Name the album.

Ans: Oye Bubbly.

3. Ganga Dham is a proposed spiritual theme park at Haridwar.It is an “Edutainment / Infotainment” project that will promote, in an entertaining fashion, the diverse cultural, mythological and religious heritage of India. Who are the promoters of this group ?

Ans: Sagar Group (makers of Ramayan).

4. Another easy one. At school, he formed a stick-ball team called the Nads (providing him and his pals with a chance to shout “Go Nads”). At Yale, he was famous for doing the alligator, a dance that involved falling on the floor and rolling around.At Harvard Business School, he wore cowboy boots and chewed tobacco. Whom are we talking about ?

Ans: George W. Bush.

5. Who in the US are referred to as CXOs ?

Ans: Corporate executives whose title begins with the word “chief” and ends with the word “officer”.

6. The Visual Round.

6.1 Identify the logo.

Ans: The Bajaj Group.(Bajaj Auto)

6.2 Identify this logo which looks quite similar to the previous one.

Ans: Bluetooth.

6.3 Identify the institution to which this logo belongs.

Ans: Peerless.

6.4 The lady's name is Halina Kwiatkowska. She made it to the newspapers in the month of April. What is her claim to fame ?

Ans: Pope John Paul II's childhood sweetheart.

Getting better and easier by the day...Can I post my answers here :-p
Know it All,

You can mail your answers to my email id.

Guess have to work on the "Getting easier by the day" part.
I watched the blog first time today...I saw all the quizzes from R1 to R11. Only one word can b describe the blog..the level of quiz is increasing time by time. Keep it up Anirudhda. I am with U.
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