Sunday, May 08, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 12

Hi All,

The 12th Round saw answers pouring in from various corners of the globe. But it was Shovon Chakraborty who came out with the maximum correct answers.

Congratulations Shovon !!


1. An international Airline company called PB Air has been granted permission by the Indian Govt. to begin bi-weekly International Charter Flights between Bangkok and an Indian destination from December 2005. Name the Indian City.

Ans: Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands).

2. Which greats of the Music World were known as Tom and Jerry in their early days ?

Ans: Simon and Gaurfunkel.

3. A High School in Pakistan is to be named after an Indian Prime Minister. Name the Prime Minister in question and also the place where this school is located?

Ans: Manmohan Singh. The village is Gah in Punjab, Pakistan.

4. Connect Montpelier, the capital of the US state of Vermont with the fast food chain - McDonalds ?

Ans: Only US State Capital without a McDonalds outlet.

5. A sitter. Someone who featured in a commemorative postage stamp in 1988 has recently been named the Brand Ambassador of an airline company. Name the figure and the Airline company.

Ans: RK Laxman's Common Man for Air Deccan.

6. Visual Questions:

6.1 This ship built in Mumbai was used extensively during the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka. It has been in service for over 30 years now and shares its name with a very famous Indian ruler. Name the ship.

(I was always fascinated with the shape of its chimney which is quite unlike the other ships).

Ans: M V Harshavardhana.

6.2 Identify this person from the Indian film fraternity who has been in the news recently. (Hint: He is not Shahid Kapoor.)

Ans: Soham Shah (Director of Kaal).

6.3 Both these persons have been the President of a Middle East Asian country. They were succeeded and preceeded respectively by someone who needs no introduction the world over. Whom are we talking about ?

Ans: Saddam Hussein. The men above are Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr and Jalal Talabani respectively.

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