Monday, May 23, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 14

Hi All,

The long weekend hangover is yet to recede. And that is the reason why posting Round 15 of the Jaldi Quiz is held up as of now. Will post it soon.

In the meantime, here are the answers to the Questions for Round 14.

Congratulations are due to two regulars of the Jaldi Quiz - Yashasvi Arun and Anukriti Pandey.

They have come up with the top scores in this round.

As always, keep the responses and suggestions flowing.


1. The logo of this production company is the only one to change after every telecast of their television show. Their "latest" logo was that of a plate with a check that had the words "No Charge" written on it. Name the production company and the famous show being talked about ?

Ans: The "Where's Lunch" logo. Their production - Everybody Loves Raymond.

2. A month back, Imphal saw its oldest library burnt down. The reason being the script used to write Manipuri. The majority Meitei community want a return to the Meitei Mayek script from the present one. Which script has been used to write Manipuri for the last 300 years ?

Ans: Bengali.

3. The United Eco Action Fund (UNECO) runs a school in war torn Liberia. Who is this school especially run for ?

Ans: Children fathered by the UN Peacekeepers.

4. The Fasli, Shahanshahi and Qadimi hold a significant place in the Zoroastrian religion. Often they have led to controversies and confusion. What are Fasli, Shahanshahi and Qadimi ?

Ans: Calendars.

5. The underarm delivery is one of the infamous incidents in International cricket. Very recently, another bowler pretended to do the same but was "red carded" by the umpire. Who is the person in question ?

Ans: Glenn McGrath against New Zealand in the first Twenty-20 International. The umpire - Billy Bowden.

The Star Wars Round:

1. The Star Wars Universe has its own dating system or calendar where events are referred in either BBY or ABY. What do BBY and ABY stand for ?

Ans: Before Battle of Yavin and After Battle of Yavin.

2. Very Very Easy One. The Star Wars fight sequences are characterised by the use of this weapon. This is the weapon of the Jedi which when deactivated appears as a polished metallic handle, about 30 centimeters long, lined with control studs. What is the name of this weapon ?

Ans: The LightSaber.

3. Which work of Joseph Campbell serves as an inspiration to both Star Wars and the Matrix ?

Ans: The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

4. Another easy one, which Star Wars creature is able to understand the galactic language "Basic" but communicates in his own language "Shyriiwook" due to a vocal defect ?

Ans: Chewbecca.

5. The name Yoda is derived from the Sanskrit word "Yoddha". But who was the original Yoda sculpted to look like ?

Ans: Albert Einstein.

The 6th Star Wars question: What is George Lucas's next project called ?

Ans: Red Tails.

Visual Round

6.1 Identify these logos.

Ans: Reebok and Bank of America.

6.2 This chef was in the news recently for quitting his present job. He shot to fame during his company's IPO when he was presented to the investors as the company's CFO (Chief Food Officer). Identify him and his erstwhile company.

Ans: Charlie Ayers. The company - Google.

6.3 Identify the person recently in the news promoting vegetarianism in this advertisement.

Ans: Greg Chappell.

Can ABY stand for
After Birth of Yoda
BBY for
Before Birth of Yoda

Just guessing.
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