Monday, May 30, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 15

Hi All,

Its answer time again. Though there were fewer responses this week, the mailbox was kept busy by the regulars who seem to have developed a liking to the quiz.

Thank you all for dropping by with words of encouragement.

For the second week in succession, Anukriti Pandey secures a podium finish and giving her company is another Pandey, Amit Pandey from Mumbai.

Time for the answers now.


1. It was first founded by the California clothing company Pacific Mills to showcase its Catalina swimwear brand. Later, it became a part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries. In 1996 the ownership was taken over by Donald Trump. What are we talking about ? (Hint: Current Affairs)

Ans: Miss Universe pageant.

2. Established in 1970, it is one of the leading Business groups in the Middle East. In its initial years it dealt primarily in the sale and manufacturing of gold products. Over the past 34 years, it has grown into a multinational company and has interests in Manufacturing, Refineries and the Media. The company bears the name of its founder. Name the company.

Ans: ARY (named after Abdul Razak Yakoob)

3. Which newspaper in India once advertised itself with the following tagline - "No one but us to break the records, it’s a lonesome feeling. Ask Bubka."

Ans: Malayala Manorama.

4. In the blogging world, what is a Blogsnob ?

Ans: A person who refuses to respond to comments on their blog from people outside their circle of friends.

5. Which company listed on the New York Stock Exchange has the initials of a famous composer as its ticker symbol ? Name the company and the music composer.

Ans: Steinway Musical Instruments. Their ticker on NYSE is LVB after Ludvig Van Beethoven.

Visual Questions:

6.1 This father son is one of the most popular pairs in the "Indian Entertainment Industry". Name them and their profession.

Ans: The famous numerologists - Bansilal Jumani and Sanjay Jumani.

6.2 What is the significance of this photograph to the world of Internet ?

Ans: This was the first photo to appear on the Internet.

6.3 Name the event being advertised here.

Ans: 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest (Anurag Kashyap being the winner this time. His winning word - appoggiatura which means an embellishing note, usually one step above or below the note it precedes and indicated by a small note or special sign.)

Good Questions. You are getting better and better. This blog has really taken off! Congrats! :-)
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