Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Quizophiles Vs Quizophobes

Well, for most of us who have been bitten by the Quizzing bug, its always a question of Us versus They (They - who ?? those who consider Quizzing to be a sheer waste of almost everything)

Chanced upon this interesting article on a Blog maintained by Tadatmya Vaishnav where he brings out all that the non Quizzing world has to say.

But Tadatmya, the quizophile that he is, rebuts in a blow by blow account and stands in defence of quizzing.

Do read this two part article:

Part I

Part II

Update: Almost 500 hits in a matter of 3 days since the last post. Quizophrenics have dropped in from far and wide. From quizzers in Pakistan to the Trinidad and Tobago, a warm welcome to all.

Aniruddha Dutta

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