Sunday, June 05, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 16

Hi All,

The time has come to give out the answers for Round 16. Responses were overwhelming to say the least.

However, this time, we have a new winner in Shiva Nath from Delhi who beat the field by 0.5 points.

Congratulations are due to Amit Kumar Aditya Das, Rakesh Taklikar and Anukriti Pandey who came pretty close.

And yes, Jaldi Quizzing now has over 5000 hits with around 450 hits measured during the course of this round.

Praising myself... Maybe !!

Useless Trivia:

In addition to having the Bachchan father-son pairing for the first time on screen in the con caper "Bunty aur Babli", Bunty also happens to be Big B's estranged brother Ajitabh Bachchan's pet name at home. Amitabh on the other hand responds to "Munna".

Another interesting observation -

The Times of India's latest offering in Mumbai - Mumbai Mirror calls its Readers' feedback section - Mirror Blog.

Well, much as I deliberate my offerings here being termed as a blog, could Mumbai Mirror's feedback section qualify as a blog !!


1. One of the most loved Umpires in World Cricket - David Shepherd is officiating in his final Test in the West Indies currently. Incidentally, his retirement comes 200 years after the Battle of Trafalgar - Lord Nelson's most famous military campaign. The question is - Name the county for which Shepherd once played County Cricket.

Ans: Gloucestershire.

2. This organization is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. Though it receives funds from the government, more than half of its income is self generated - through teaching English, conducting examinations and managing aid and development projects. Has a good presence in the Indian metros as well. Name the organization.

Ans: The British Council which completes 70 years of its existence this year.

3. If it is "Daily Desher Kotha" in Tripura, "Theekathir" in Tamil Nadu and "Prajashakti" in Andhra Pradesh, what is it in West Bengal and Kerala ?

Ans: Ganashakti - West Bengal and Deshabhimani - Kerala. They are all dailies brought out by the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

4. Where would you be if you reached 2650 Virginia Avenue, Washington DC, USA ?

Ans: The Watergate Hotel in Washington.

5. Which company, in the news a year earlier, published Rudyard Kipling's "The Phantom Rickshaw and other Eerie Tales" in 1888 ?

Ans: A H Wheeler.

Visual Questions:

6.1 Identify the connection between the gentleman and the lady. (Hint: The gentleman is not a movie star).

Ans: The gentleman is W. Mark Felt identified as the Deep Throat in the Watergate controversy. The lady is Linda Susan Boreman better known as Linda Lovelace, who starred in the film "Deep Throat".

6.2 Identify the connection between Greg Chappell and the lady.

Ans: The lady is Sudha Shah. The connection - Coaches of the Indian Cricket Team (Eves and Mens').

6.3 Identify the logo.

Ans: British Council (again).

where in gujarath did you do your engineering?
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