Sunday, June 19, 2005


2005 Jaldi Quiz - 17

Hi All,

Another week has come and gone by and its answer time yet again. Not very many responses this time but the regulars were in business.

Rakesh Taklikar and Aditya Das taking the honours for this quiz.

Here come the Answers.

As always, mail your answers / comments / suggestions to:


1. Located on Bhausaheb Hirey Marg in Mumbai, this structure was designed by architect Claude Batley in 1936.From 1948 to 1983, it was the residence of the British High Commission. The owner of this house was offered a monthly rent of three thousand rupees in exchange. How do we better know this structure ?

Ans: Jinnah House.

2. What was established in 1806 by Faiz Talab Khan ?

Ans: The princely state of Pataudi.

3. With which annual publication well known the world over would you associate HIT Entertainment ?

Ans: The Guinness Book of World Records.

4. Who rang the opening bell at the NYSE when the fictional newspaper "The New York Star" went public ?

Ans: Sarah Jessica Parker who played Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO Series "Sex and the City". The first episode of the final season began with Bradshaw's paper "The New York Post" going public. The shot also featured the then NYSE President Richard Grasso.

5. Which company calls it highway hospitality "dhabas" in Uttar Pradesh "Al Plazas" ?

Ans: Reliance.

6. Where in India (specific location) is the TJ Brand of Confectioneries (including Potato Chips/Wafers) manufactured ?

Ans: Tihar Jail.

7. Who becomes the first Pakistan football player in over 50 years to be invited to play for an Indian Club (though East Bengal says it is yet to make an offer)?

Ans: Mohammad Issa.

8. Accidentally invented by General Electric's James Wright when he dropped boric acid into silicone oil, what was used by the crew of Apollo 8 to secure tools in zero gravity ?

Ans: Silly Putty.

9. With whom would you associate "The ____ and Videocon School of Cricket" ?

Ans: Sourav Ganguly.

10. Easy one, with its headquarters in Raj Bagh in Srinagar, this "party" takes its name from the Arabic word meaning "Freedom". It even has the word "Freedom" in brackets in its signboard. Name the "party".

Ans: All Party Hurriyat Conference.

The 11th Question:

Connect Kokilaben Ambani's recently released statement on the settlement between the Ambani brothers to the form of Lord Krishna in which he lifted the Govardhan hill and subdued Indra who was sending an incessant downpour of rain, causing immense hardship to the cowherds of Gokul.

Ans: Sreenathji.

Visual Questions:

12.1 Identify the film from the illustration.

Ans: Pather Panchali.

12.2 A famous cricketer in his own right, he had to face the wrath of the spectators in Calcutta, when as a selector, he dropped Mushtaq Ali from the "Test match" against Australia. "No Mushtaq, No Test" is what the crowds demanded. Identify the man in the picture.

Ans: Duleepsinhji.

12.3 Identify the logo of this company from the world of television.

Ans: Geo TV , the leading news channel in Pakistan,owned by the Dawn Group.

12.4 Part of the team which created the jingle - "Bole Mere Lips, I love Uncle Chips", who is this person who has been in the limelight recently.

Ans: Shantanu Moitra who scored the music for Parineeta (2005).

12.5 Born in the 15th century, followers of this religious leader are in the news recently. Identify the person and the name by which his followers are known.

Ans: Jambho Ji, the religious leader of the Bishnois - the people who were behind the Chipko movement and also regard the Black Buck as sacred.


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