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2005 Jaldi Quiz - 19

Hi All,

When I had replied with the scores for Round 18, this person who missed maxing the quiz by a point, wrote back saying:

"Damn! Couldn't max it again this time! Ok never mind. Round 19 may be."

And now, Anukriti Pandey from Delhi can offer herself a small jig. She indeed has maxed Round 19.

Its such enthusiasm that comes around in most of the replies that I receive and it really is a humbling experience.

Congratulations are also due to Aishwarya Varma, Himanshu Gandhi and Jaldi quiz veteran Rakesh Taklikar.

Its answer time and here they are:


1. The new World Trade Center (WTC) design was unveiled last week. "The Freedom Tower", designed by architects David Childs and Daniel Libeskind, will retain the height of the earlier towers - 1776 feet symbolising the year of America's independence. The construction should get over by 2009.

The Question however is - What is the name of the memorial that is going to be built to honour the victims of 9/11 ?

Ans: Reflecting Absence.

2. How do we better know " Lateral epicondylitis" ?

Ans: Tennis Elbow.

3. Other than Mahesh Bhupathi, there was another person of Indian origin - Jayant Mistry who won a title at the Wimbledon this year. Incidentally he is a leading player in his category. Which event did he win ?

Ans: Wheelchair Tennis.

4. Which political leader jailed during the Emergency chose to name his daughter after the Maintenance of Internal Security Act that he was booked under ?

Ans: Laloo Prasad Yadav (The daughter's name: Misa)

5. What 2943 square-yard plot formerly occupied by Air Force Stables in South Mumbai was leased to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for 999 years at a nominal annual rent of Rs 1 ?

Ans: Metro Cinema.

Do you know -

In Sport, what is "Ban Qiu" in Chinese ?

Ans: Cricket.

6. Visual Questions:

6.1 Identify this gentleman, a pioneer in his field, who died recently.

Ans: Jack Kilby, the Nobel laureate who gave us microchips and the calculator.

6.2 Identify this logo of an organisation always in the news.

Ans: OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries).

6.3 Easy One. Two Car Brands.Identify them.

Ans: Infiniti and Acura. (Rakesh Taklikar adds - Infiniti is the luxury brand of Nissan and Acura is the luxury brand of Honda).

For the Archives:

Its Independence Day weekend here and in a few hours of writing this post, it would be fireworks time in New York.

Macys has been bringing the spectacular fireworks display for over a quarter of a century and yours truly has had the good fortune of viewing it on a couple of occassions.

In other places round the world, after Pistol Pete, its Federer who has made Wimbledon a part of his own backyard. Venus Williams, when all thought that the Russian Revolution had eclipsed the Williams Rule, laid her hands on the trophy that bears her name.

Also noteworthy is
Salil Oberoi's performance. The 21-year-old Rhodes scholar who has played first-class cricket for Delhi, broke a 74-year-old record when he made 247 for Oxford University against Cambridge at Fenner's.

In the process he surpassed the Nawab of Pataudi Snr's 238 not out in 1931, the previous-highest in a Varsity match. Read about his exploits

On the silver screen, when War of the Worlds rages in Hollywood, its RGV with (AB) sqaured who Sarkar the territory in Bolly land.

On a sad note, Gujarat again bears the brunt - After the earthquake and the Godhra mayhem, it is the fury of the floods.

In trivial news, our most "loved" quizmaster, Derek O Brien missed out on the Rajya Sabha ticket Mamata Banerjee wanted to give him. The party has now nominated "Mohun Bagan" and "Sambad Pratidin" 's Swapan Sadhan (Tutu) Bose. O'Brien would have to be content handling Didi's mouthpiece - Jaago Bangla.

Awesome page and trivia.....great work. Got link to this blog via a mail from Quiznet. Great links as well. Hats off to your efforts.
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